Constitution Day

Constitution Day

Let the OCBA help your students uncover their passion for civics engagement.

"Knowledge of our system of government is not handed down through the gene pool … The habits of citizenship must be learned. ... But we have neglected civic education for the past several decades, and the results are predictably dismal." – Justice Sandra Day O’Connor


The Constitution Day program increases knowledge and civic engagement for eighth-grade students in a fun and engaging way. Volunteer OCBA attorneys and judges visit area schools and present a two-hour program that shares the message and meaning behind our Constitution, setting the stage for your students to grow into engaged and participatory citizens. 

Not just another assembly presentation, the Constitution Day program gives students the opportunity to get involved in the discussion. Students gain exposure to the rights and duties of citizenship via speakers, informative videos, mock trials and discussion sessions led by attorneys.

The word is out that the Constitution Day program is a hit with teachers and students alike. Launched in 2013, more than 200 students participated in that inaugural year.

For more program information contact Merri Lee Jones at (248) 334-3400.

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