20th Awards Ceremony

Thursday, June 04, 2015
05:30 PM - 06:30 PM
Eastern Standard Time

20th Awards Ceremony

Before the 81st Annual Meeting join us to honor those who have contributed to the Oakland County Bar Association, the legal profession and community.

Awards being presented:

  • Distinguished Service Award – Victoria B. King and Karen H. Safran
  • Distinguished Public Servant – Hon. Mary Ellen Brennan
  • Professionalism Award – Joel H. Serlin
  • Frances Avadenka Memorial Award – Hon. Michael Warren
  • Bonnie L. Beutler Outstanding New Lawyer Award – Jacob J. Cunningham
  • Committee of the Year
    • Energy, Sustainibility & Environmental Law Committee
    • Membership Committee
  • Pro Bono Awards
    • Family Law Assistance Project – Aaron Dorn
    • Legal Aid and Defender – Eric S. Polan
  • 40-Year Honorees
William B. Acker
Phillip G. Alber
Gerard J. Andree
Kathleen L. Bogas
Thomas L. Boyer
Jeffrey Butler
Thomas W. Cranmer
Joseph W. Cunningham
Elizabeth P. Drolet
Sue Ellen Eisenberg
Armin G. Fischer
Fred H. Freeman
Donald J. Gasiorek
Deborah L. Gray
Robert E. Graziani
Gilbert Gugni
Jeffrey K. Haynes
Maurice Herskovic
John H. Holmes
Stephen J. Hopkins
Thomas L. Imbrunone
Robert G. Isgrigg Jr.
Thomas E. Keenan
Karen Smith Kienbaum
Gregory M. Kopacz
Richard E. Kroopnick
Bryan H. Levy
Douglas J. Maskin
Neil A. Miller
Morton L. Noveck
Michael G. Nowakowski
Gerald V. Padilla
Hon. David H. Paruch
Lawrence S. Pepper
Richard B. Poling Jr.
Hon. Dennis N. Powers
James C. Rose
David M. Rosenberger
Harriet B. Rotter
Michael D. Schloff
Michael F. Schmidt
Douglas J. Schroeder
Mary P. Sclawy
Marc E. Thomas
James K. Thome
Stuart Trager
B. A. Tyler
Donald A. Van Suilichem
Richard S. Victor
Arthur Jay Weiss
Marc G. Whitefield
Eric S Wilson

Congratulations to all of our 40-year honorees and award recipients!




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