Lawyers of a Certain Age (LOCA) Committee Meeting

Thursday, October 18, 2018
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time

Regular quarterly meeting of the Lawyers of a Certain Age Committee


The OCBA is pleased to offer a committee designed specifically for members “of a certain age” to discuss their changing practices and priorities. The Lawyers of a Certain Age Committee (LOCA) is comprised of OCBA members aged 62 and over with the following priorities:

Social – Support and sponsor a variety of social activities that allow interaction with the larger bar association and targeted peer communities that address challenges such as isolation, family concerns and declining health;

Transitions in Practice - Develop and find partnerships for programs that support lawyers as they prepare or respond to transitions in their practice, whether it is from reducing their practice (full-time to part-time), going from a large firm to solo, closing a practice, planning for retirement or unexpected practice transitions such as diminished capacity or sudden unexpected incapacity; and

Capture the Special Skills of LOCA - Great opportunities/partnerships for Lawyers of a Certain Age to contribute their talents as seasoned experienced lawyers through integration with OCBA programs and activities and also to serve the Oakland County Community at large.

To join LOCA, email Sue Maczko or call the OCBA at (248) 334-3400. 





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