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OCBA U offers two semesters of classes: "Practical Knowledge," a series of classes that covers the "nuts and bolts" of different areas of law, and "Court Rules which provides primers on best advocacy practices in various Oakland County courts according to the judges and court personnel who work there. All classes will be held at the OCBA Bar Center.


Practical Knowledge 

Are you unsure which area of law to pursue? Thinking about adding an additional area of practice? Considering switching to a new practice area? Learn about "a day in the life" of attorneys practicing in different areas of law.  Fall 2017 classes will be announced soon.  

Court Rules

Learn best advocacy practices from Oakland County Court personnel. Judicial staff attorneys cover pretrial matters and effective motion practice. Sitting judges discuss the do’s and don’ts of practicing in their courtrooms.

Oakland County Circuit Court: Civil Cases
Oakland County Circuit Court: Criminal Cases
Oakland County Family Court
Oakland County Probate Court

Pre-registration is recommended. Seating is limited!

Members: $40 per class; walk-in rate is $50 per class. UPASS for all four classes is $140.
Non-Members: $80 per class; walk-in rate is $100 per class.

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Court Rules Classes (all classes are 6:00-8:00 p.m.)

January 12, 2017

Oakland County Circuit Court - Civil Cases 
Judges Martha D. Anderson, Shalina D. Kumar and Phyllis C. McMillen; and J. Scot Garrison, Staff Attorney to Hon. Rae Lee Chabot
For more information and to register, click OCBA U Civil Cases.

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February 9, 2017

Oakland County Circuit Court - Criminal Cases 
Judges Leo Bowman, Hala Jarbou, and Michael Warren; and Victoria King, Staff Attorney to Hon. Leo Bowman
For more information and to register, click OCBA U Criminal Cases.

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March 9, 2017

Oakland County Family Court
Judges Mary Ellen Brennan, Jeffery S. Matis, and Karen McDonald; and Jacob Cunningham, Staff Attorney to Hon. Mary Ellen Brennan
For more information and to register, click OCBA U Family Court.

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April 13, 2017

Oakland County Probate Court
Judges Linda S. Hallmark, Daniel A. O’Brien and Jennifer Callaghan; and Ryan Deel, Staff Attorney to Hon. Linda S. Hallmark. Attorney Chiara Mattieson will moderate.
For more information and to register, click OCBA U Probate Court.

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