Judicial Candidate Forum

Get to know your local judicial candidates and vote with confidence.

Did you know that the judicial side of the ballot is often the least-researched and the least-completed? Choosing a judge to rule on cases and issue judgments should be an informed decision!

Each election cycle, the OCBA partners with the League of Women Voters-Oakland Area and the Detroit Free Press to host Judicial Candidate Forums for all judicial races where there are contested seats.

So how does it work? Each forum consists of two panelists – one from the Oakland County Bar Association and one from the Detroit Free Press – who ask questions of each of the judicial candidates. A representative of the League of Women Voters moderates the forum.

Do you have an important question you’d like to ask the judicial candidates? Local citizens are invited to attend these events and submit questions for responses by the candidates. If you would like to attend any judicial candidate forums, please look over these Judicial Candidate Forum Ground Rules.

If you can’t be there in person, don’t worry! Forums are recorded so they may be aired on cable channels in the communities where the races take place, and you can also stream them for viewing via the links below. In addition, you can download these Eight Factors to Consider When Electing a Judge that can aid in making your decision.

In this election cycle, we hosted Judicial Candidate Forums for six contested races. There were two in July for the races that appeared on the ballot for the August 2 primary election, and four in the fall for the races that will appear on the ballot for the November 8 general election. Below is the information for each forum. Each candidate was asked to submit answers to a questionnaire in advance of the forums. If answers were submitted, they have been linked to the respective candidate.


46th District Court (Southfield) – CHALLENGED SEAT
(in alphabetical order):
      Hon. Cynthia M. ArvantIncumbent
      Kameshia D. Gant

video_camera  Click on the video camera to watch the 46th District Court forum
*PLEASE NOTE – Six candidates participated in this Judicial Candidate Forum for the August 2016 primary election. Only Hon. Cynthia M. Arvant and Kameshia Gant will be on the ballot for the general election on November 8, 2016.


51st District Court (Waterford) – OPEN SEAT
Candidates (in alphabetical order):
      Todd A. Fox
      Mary M. Mara

video_camera  Click on the video camera to watch the 51st District Court forum


‚Äč52-1 District Court (Novi) – CHALLENGED SEAT
(in alphabetical order):
      Gary Klein
      Hon. T. David Law, Incumbent

video_camera  Click on the video camera to watch the 52-1 District Court forum


Oakland County Probate Court – OPEN SEAT
 (in alphabetical order):
     Jennifer S. Callaghan
     Karen R. Geibel

video_camera  Click on the video camera to watch the Oakland County Probate Court forum

Oakland County Circuit Court – OPEN SEAT
 (in alphabetical order):
      Lorie N. Savin
         Lorie N. Savin writing sample 1
         Lorie N. Savin writing sample 2

      Victoria A. Valentine
         Victoria A. Valentine writing sample 1
         Victoria A. Valentine writing sample 2

video_camera  Click on the video camera to watch the Oakland County Circuit Court forum

This partnership is nonpartisan and the respective organizations will not support or oppose candidates prior to the candidate forum. The Detroit Free Press may or may not endorse judicial candidates before the election, but not until after the forum has taken place. The partners of the Judicial Candidate Forums strive to provide factual, nonpartisan information to citizens regarding candidates’ qualifications and views.

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