OCBA Awards

Each year at the Annual Meeting the OCBA recognizes its members who have been practicing for 40 years and those who have made significant contributions to the OCBA, the legal profession and the community.

Also, the OCBA honors individuals, law firms or other law-related organizations promoting the rich cultural diversity in Oakland County biennially at the Diversity in the Legal Profession Strolling Dinner event. Click on the award titles below for more information.

40-Year Honorees (2015)


Photo taken by Kristen Dimich at the 81st Annual Meeting on June 4, 2015


Front row: B. A. Tyler, Gerard J. Andree, Harriet B. Rotter, Thomas L. Boyer, Mary P. Sclawy, Thomas L. Imbrunone, Richard S. Victor, Lawrence S. Pepper, Hon. Dennis N. Powers and James C. Rose

Middle row: Bryan H. Levy, Richard E. Kroopnick, Fred H. Freeman, Douglas J. Schroeder, Joseph W. Cunningham, Jeffrey K. Haynes, William B. Acker, Thomas E. Keenan, Philip R. Fabrizio and James K. Thome

Back row: Jeffrey Butler, Michael D. Schloff, Richard B. Poling Jr., Hon. David H. Paruch, Thomas W. Cranmer, Gilbert Gugni, Arthur J. Weiss and Robert G. Isgrigg Jr.

Not pictured: Phillip G. Alber, Kathleen L. Bogas, Sue Ellen Eisenberg, Armin G. Fisher, Donald J. Gasiorek, Deborah L. Gray, Robert E. Graziani, Maurice Herskovic, Jack H. Holmes, Stephen J. Hopkins, Karen Smith Kienbaum, Gregory M. Kopacz, Douglas J. Maskin, Neil A. Miller, Morton L. Noveck, Michael G. Nowakowski, Gerald V. Padilla, David M. Rosenberger, Michael F. Schmidt, Marc E. Thomas, Stuart Trager, Donald A. Van Suilichem and Marc G. Whitefield


Annual OCBA awards

Biennial Diversity in the Legal Profession awards