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The Oakland County Bar Association is the fastest growing professional association exclusively representing Oakland County's legal industry. The OCBA seeks to serve the professional needs of our members, improve the justice system, and ensure the delivery of quality legal services to the public.

How much is membership?


Fee Schedule - Dues valid until June 30, 2018 
(OCBA Fiscal Year runs July 1 thru June 30)

Admitted to



Law School


07/2016 – 06/2017

New lawyers may receive first OCBA fiscal year of membership FREE (add $50 for sustaining membership)- contact us for details

07/2015 – 06/2016




add $50

07/2014 – 06/2015




add $50

07/2013 – 06/2014




add $50

before 06/2013




add $50

**Paralegal Member – $45 (add $50 for Sustaining Membership)
**Student Member – $25 
(add $50 for Sustaining Membership)

Dues listed above include a $10 voluntary contribution to fund increased support of Legal Aid services in Oakland County and a $10 voluntary contribution to Oakland County Bar Foundation. You may deduct one or both if you elect not to make these contributions. All membership fees include a $20 one-year subscription to LACHES.
*Sustaining membership dues renew annually in July of each fiscal year. $50 is the prorated rate through 06/30/2017 and you will be billed in June for the next fiscal year for the full amount of $100.

**The dues listed above do not include the voluntary contributions. If you wish to contribute to the Legal Aid Assistance Fund of Oakland County and/or the Oakland County Bar Foundation please include the donation amount with your remittance. The one-year subscription to 
LACHES is included.

What category of membership is best for me?

The Oakland County Bar Association offers five types of memberships. They are:

Regular Membership – Regular members must be licensed to practice law in the state of Michigan in good standing with the State Bar of Michigan, receive all membership privileges, are eligible to vote and hold office on the OCBA board of directors.

Associate Membership – Associate members must be licensed to practice law in the state of Michigan, in good standing with the State Bar of Michigan and engaged in full-time employment with a governmental agency or department, or 501(c)(3) organization.

Law School Affiliate Membership - Although not active practitioners or members of the legal profession, they are employed by a law school – such as professors, teachers, teaching assistants, and administrators.

Paralegal Membership - Qualified through education, training or work experience and employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, governmental agency, or other entity in performance of legal services not primarily clerical or secretarial under the ultimate direction and supervision of a licensed attorney. Must be sponsored annually by an OCBA member who certifies as to the above.

Student Membership - Available to students who are: attending an ABA-approved law school, registered to take the next scheduled bar examination, or awaiting their Michigan bar examination results.

Sustaining Membership - Members of any membership type are eligible for Sustaining Membership. A Sustaining Member's extra commitment to the association enables us to pursue the loftiest goals of the legal profession. Sustaining Members’ names are periodically featured in LACHES magazine and are recognized as stellar supporters of legal ideals. To read more about Sustaining Membership view the attached form. Sustaining membership can be purchased online or by returning the form with a check to the OCBA office. 

How do I Join?

To join online click here and you will be directed to the OCBA store to purchase your membership.   If you prefer to mail a printed application, to download the application click, paper application and mail it to the OCBA offices at 1760 S. Telegraph Road, Suite 100, Bloomfield Hills, MI  48302.