OCBA Executive Director Job Description


Position Description:   Executive Director

Status:                           Full Time Salaried, Exempt

Assigned Work Site:    Oakland County Bar Association Main Administrative Office

Work Hours:                 Variable work hours, including evenings and weekends as required.



Position summary

The Executive Director is the chief executive officer of the Oakland County Bar Association (OCBA) and its charitable affiliate, the Oakland County Bar Foundation (OCBF). Under the direction of the OCBA Board of Directors and the OCBF Board of Trustees, the Executive Director manages and motivates the bar’s staff and oversees activities, operations, affairs, membership, marketing and resources of the OCBA and the OCBF and their committees and subcommittees. The Executive Director provides leadership and management in board relations, external relationships, strategic leadership, operations management and organizational development in support of the mission and vision of the OCBA and the OCBF; achieves economical, productive performance, forward-looking programming and constructive growth of the OCBA and the OCBF.


Duties and responsibilities

Within the parameters of the OCBA Articles of Incorporation, bylaws and policies, the Executive Director is responsible for and has authority to accomplish the duties set forth:

  1. Manages all human and capital resources, using best practices and creating a culture of positive interpersonal relationships within the organization including development of staff leadership, diversity, training and building capacity within the organization to be proactive in its member services function.
  2. Manages financial resources, including budgeting, auditing, governance, controls, projections and fiscal planning.
  3. Develops and manages programs and policies, including professional development activities, legislative policy initiatives, public service and fundraising.
  4. Supports the OCBA Officers and Board of Directors, committees and members.
  5. Supports the OCBF Board of Trustees, committees and volunteers.
  6. Supports the OCBA Committee chairs, vice chairs and members.
  7. Creates long term planning for promoting membership, member services and support for voluntary members.

See Appendix A – Specific Duties and Responsibilities Related to Each Area


II. Qualifications

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s Degree required. Advanced degree preferred.

Minimum of 3 – 5 years prior experience in the management of a professional association, non-profit organization or program, or related managerial and supervisory experience.

Demonstrated experience in areas including, but not limited to: non-profit management, program development, program grants, public relations, marketing and communications, staff supervision and fundraising.


Skills and qualifications

  1. Strong business and finance background
    1. Annual budget development
    2. Budget forecasting
    3. Fund development
    4. Cash management
    5. Investment knowledge
  1. Fundraising/Donor Development
    1. Ability to identify and secure sponsors for OCBA events
    2. Ability to identify and secure sponsors and donors for OCBF
    3. Familiarity with tax acknowledgement guidelines and procures/best practices for managing donors and donated funds
    4. Familiarity with grant development and funding criteria
  2. Communication Skills
    1. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    2. Ability to compose effective appeals for membership, donors, volunteers for both the OCBA and the OCBF
    3. Ability to write editorial column as required for Laches bar publication
    4. Ability to create effective social media campaigns
  3. Interpersonal Skills
    1. Ability to help individuals of all backgrounds feel welcome at the association
    2. Ability to handle politically sensitive and/or confidential information pertaining to members and others associated with the OCBA and OCBF
    3. Ability to supervise and train staff. Ability to effectively delegate, manage and support staff.
    4. Ability to adapt to changing environments, including annual change of leadership on OCBA and OCBF boards and committees.
  4. Innovation
    1. Demonstrated ability to engage in, create, implement and accomplish goals in long-range and strategic plans
    2. Ability to identify trends and adapt programs/services to changing member needs and legal community needs.



Wage and workweek are established by the OCBA Board of Directors.

In consideration for my employment, I agree to conform to the rules and regulations of the Association and my employment and compensation can be terminated, with or without notice, at any time, at the option of the Association or myself.  I understand that no supervisor, administrator, or representative, other than the OCBA President, has any authority to enter into any agreement for employment for any specified period of time, or to make any agreement contrary to the foregoing.




Management of Human and Capitol Resources

  • Recruit, hire, supervise, train, discipline and manage the performance of all staff at the OCBA and the OCBF.
  • Ensure that performance feedback is provided on a regular basis to all employees.
  • Define staff duties and performance standards, reorganizing staff and reallocating duties as needed.
  • Using best practices, ensure positive workplace environment that fosters employee engagement and satisfaction and focuses on outstanding performance and delivering results.
  • Determine and document office policies and procedures
  • Determine and document personnel policies and procedures, implement upon approval of the OCBA Board of Directors.
  • Oversee management and maintenance of the physical facilities, furnishings and equipment in a cost-effective manner.
  • Execute contracts and commitments in accordance with established policies and/or as authorized by the OCBA Board of Directors and OCBF Board of Trustees
  • Ensure as much as practical, the use of up to date technology, including relevant communication tools and website development.


Financial Management

  • Oversee fiscal management, including development and management of appropriate budgetary and financial controls and procedures in consultation with the OCBA Board of Directors and the OCBA finance committee, the OCBF Board of Trustees and the OCBF finance committee, outside auditors, tax preparers and financial reviewers.
  • Ensure proper administration of all authorized procedures, use GAAP and best practices in fiscal management, internal controls, cash management, and donated funds management.
  • Closely monitor cash flow and cash management.
  • Create annual budget projections for OCBA and OCBF subject to approval of respective Boards and finance committees.
  • Develop and update long-term financial management plans for OCBA and OCBF.
  • Ensure appropriate management and reporting of donated funds and endowment contributions.
  • Provide guidance on program grant criteria, track grant applications and expenditures for the OCBF
  • Supervise all payroll functions.
  • Oversee annual membership dues billing.
  • Oversee district court case evaluation receivables and collections.
  • Oversee and participate in annual audit of OCBA and OCBF financial records.
  • Ensure timely filing of all required tax returns, license to solicit and any other required financial documentation for the OCBA and the OCBF.
  • Execute such contracts and commitments as may be authorized by established policies or by the OCBA Board of Directors and the OCBF Board of Trustees.


Support of OCBA and OCBF Leadership

  • Serve as primary contact for OCBA Board of Directors and Officers as well as the OCBF Board of Trustees and Officers and assist them in the performance of their duties as board members:
    • Oversee the formulation of long-range planning and direct the strategic planning efforts of both boards, working with committees and task forces as required
    • Effectively implement all decisions by Board leadership
    • Attend and actively participate in all OCBA Board of Directors meetings and board subcommittee meetings as well as all OCBF Board of Trustees meetings and subcommittee meetings.
    • Work with OCBA and OCBF presidents to develop agendas for regular and special meetings of the OCBA Board of Directors and the OCBF Board of Trustees respectively.
    • Provide timely reports and updates on operations, status and plans of the organization to both boards to facilitate effective board governance.
    • Assist the OCBA nominating committee in the nominating and election of members to the OCBA Board of Directors.
    • Assist the OCBA in identifying and appointing members to the OCBF Board of Trustees.
    • Assist the OCBF planning committee in the identification, nomination and election of trustees to the OCBF Board of Trustees.
    • Assist OCBA Legislative Committee and lobbyist to relay legislative positions taken by the OCBA Board of Directors to appropriate legislative personnel.
    • Travel to relevant state and national bar association meetings and events and facilitate the participation of OCBA leadership at these meetings.
    • Represent the OCBA at official national, state and local functions.
    • Coordinate the OCBA Annual Meeting
  • Maintain positive relations with other law-related entities, bar associations, units of local, state and national government, government agencies and officials, public service organizations and vendors to promote the best interests of the OCBA and the OCBF.
  • Provide the necessary liaison/staff support to committees to enable them to properly perform their functions. Work with assigned standing committees of the OCBA as staff liaison. Ensure that committee leadership and membership adhere to OCBA policies, ensure that committee activity is aligned with mission, visions and goals of the OCBA.
  • Actively promote the integrity of the practice of law in Oakland County to ensure that the positions of the OCBA and its members are enhanced.


Program and Policy Development and Management

  • Oversee all member services programs.
  • Plan, organize and direct membership promotion and retention programs in conjunction with membership committee and membership director.
  • Evaluate results and recommend policies, procedures and action to achieve membership goals.
  • Plan and implement OCBA and OCBF programs and services in alignment with the mission and vision of each organization.
  • Complete an annual review of programs to determine return on investment and member satisfaction.
  • Engage in continuous improvement of programs and events, completing Lessons Learned after each program or event in conjunction with staff to identify improvements.
  • Oversee editorial process and production of Laches, coordinate the editorial board and assign staff to Laches production duties.
  • Supervise the development of education programs to advance the professional/technical/managerial skills of the membership and staff, operating with budget and program objectives established by the board and the professional development committee.
  • Plan and oversee all communications of the general membership, including eblasts, twitter and Facebook posts, website content and correspondence.
  • Submit annual grant application to the OCBF to request funding for legal assistance and legal aid programs sponsored by the OCBA.
  • Works collaboratively with the joint OCBA/OCBF program committee to establish funding priorities for law-related programming based on community needs.

QUESTIONS? Contact Terri Ticknor Gilbert at tgilbert@ocba.org