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For many years, Oakland County attorneys thought of membership in the Oakland County Bar Association as something that existed as an accoutrement to their license to practice.  Today, things are different.  Attorneys must be more business savvy and most would agree that if there is going to be a significant outlay of resources, the spender had better be getting his or her money’s worth.

At the Oakland County Bar Association, we have made every effort to ensure that when lawyers decide to become a member of one of the Midwest’s finest bar associations, value, performance and results will be what they receive in return.  Our offering of services and benefits is so comprehensive that oftentimes membership practically pays for itself. 

Civility and Professionalism.  The OCBA creates opportunities for its members  – many of whom find themselves on opposite sides of a courtroom or transaction – to become familiar with one another outside the context of particular disputes or matters.  OCBA members also have the opportunity to interact informally with the many judges and local leaders who are OCBA members. 

In addition, OCBA members have the opportunity to work together with other attorneys on any of more than 40 OCBA committees, each of which aims to enhance some aspect of the practice of law here.   All of these contacts help to foster civility and professionalism in our legal community.

Continuing Legal Education.   The OCBA offers a comprehensive schedule of CLE presentations that allow members to take advantage of exceptional programs at discounted rates.   OCBA members keep abreast of changes in the law and their fields of specialty, often in ways uniquely tied to our local courts and forms of practice.

Socializing and Networking.   The OCBA provides regular opportunities to socialize and network with other local practitioners, helping members to enjoy careers that are satisfying outside the four corners of their respective offices.

Product and Service Discounts. The OCBA offers discounted rates for room rentals, office supply products, process serving, as well as many specially designed savings programs at local clothiers, restaurants and entertainment venues.


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