OCBF Mission and History

Proudly serving the Oakland County legal community for more than 40 years. 

It is impossible to tell the full story of all of The Foundation’s worthy causes. Here is a brief outline. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Around the turn of the last century, several lawyers in Oakland County recognized the need for a well-appointed law library that could serve the needs of lawyers in Oakland County. They donated money toward the formation of a law library. But by 1934, the law library had fallen into disarray. The lawyers of the newly incorporated Oakland County Bar Association rallied once more and appointed members to a Library Committee of the bar association. They accepted donations from fellow lawyers to fund the library. This charitable act formed the basis of what is now the Oakland County Bar Foundation.

From 1976 to 1988, the focus of The Foundation was the Adams-Pratt Oakland County Law Library (as it is now named). But the vision for what could be accomplished by this ambitious group expanded. In 1988, The Foundation was renamed the Oakland Bar-Adams Pratt Foundation with a mission to create an even greater impact in Oakland County.

In a third evolution, the Oakland County Bar Foundation was formally created in 1999. The Foundation began a new era of collaboration, cooperation and partnership with the OCBA. With the two organizations working together, the role of The Foundation expanded considerably, as has its list of grant recipients.

The impact of the Oakland County Bar Foundation is due to support from members like you!

Support from members of the OCBA and from other like-minded individuals who believe in the mission and the programs funded by The Foundation is critical to helping us accomplish our mission.


The mission of the Oakland County Bar Foundation is to serve the citizens of Oakland County and the legal profession by funding or promoting:

  1. Programs that foster the honor, integrity, welfare, or understanding of the law or the legal system or that educate the public about the role of lawyers in our society.

  2. Programs that improve the accessibility and affordability of legal services.

  3. The Adams-Pratt Collection of the Oakland County Law Library at the Oakland County Courthouse.

The specific purposes recited in The Foundation's Articles of Incorporation include:

  1. Improving and facilitating the administration of justice in Oakland County and throughout the state of Michigan;

  2. Ensuring to the fullest extent possible that legal services are made available to all members of the public;

  3. Promoting legal research and the study of law as well as the diffusion of legal knowledge through support of the Adams-Pratt Oakland County Law Library;

  4. Promoting the continuing legal education of lawyers and judges;

  5. Educating the public as to their legal rights and obligations; and fostering and maintaining the honor and integrity of the profession of the law.