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by Marseille Allen, Guest Writer 


Founded in 2015, the Warriors Trust Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting combat veterans with the conditions of probation, while giving them the resources for full re-integration into the community at-large. The organization was established to raise awareness and provide funding for the various needs of United States Armed Forces combat veterans associated with the Oakland County Combat Veterans Treatment Court (C-VTC), and it recently expanded to include the 45th District Court Veterans Treatment Court.

The C-VTC was created in 2013 to assist with the successful completion of the conditions of probation for those U.S. military veterans whose criminal behavior was a direct result of the combat, conflict, or search and rescue or recovery experiences. What makes this project unique lies in the fact that while there are more than 250 Veterans Treatment Courts throughout the country, Oakland County’s remains the only combat-specific court in the state of Michigan and one of only two in the nation.

The Warriors Trust Fund is committed to aiding those who have honorably served their country including, but not limited to, veterans associated with the C-VTC and the 45th District Court Veterans Treatment Court. The Warriors Trust Fund supports those veterans by helping them overcome identified barriers that impact their ability to successfully complete probation such as lack of transportation, financial restraints, the effects of war and other obstacles.

Specifically, funds requested from the OCBF pay for drug and alcohol testing, transportation to court, probationary fees, testing and treatment facilities, gift cards for veterans who reach court-ordered and personal goals, and yoga to reduce the effects of trauma. Additionally, the Warriors Trust Fund has partnered with local business leaders to offer training for veterans on how to start a business and individual sessions on understanding 401k and pension benefits.

The Warriors Trust Fund was awarded its first grant in 2016 from the Oakland County Bar Foundation. Funds granted by the OCBF allowed the Warriors Trust Fund to broaden its operations and provide more support to local veterans. Thanks to the OCBF, the Warriors Trust Fund is now able to support veterans in the 45th District Court Veterans Treatment Court, and has updated its website to serve as a resource for all veterans in Oakland County.

Local businesses led by UPS rally each year on 9/11 to support the Warriors Trust Fund's annual golf outing held at Glen Oaks Golf Course in Farmington Hills. The dinner that follows recognizes local veterans and community leaders who have gone above and beyond to support U.S. service men and women.

To learn more about the Warriors Trust Fund, visit www.warriorstrustfund.org



Board member Barbara Locke-Jones; President Marseille Allen; Advisory Board member Sergeant Clyde Willis (retired); and board members Tanya Allen and Donna Joseph


Sergeant Clyde Willis (retired) receives the Warrior Award


Captain Tracy Golliday-Champagne


Warriors Trust Fund president, Marseille Allen