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The Season for Giving is
12 Months Long...

by Kaveh Kashef
2016-2017 OCBF President 




Now that the holidays have passed and we are in the new year, the cold and the snow have worn out their welcome. Even though the days are allegedly getting longer, it certainly does not feel that way; many of us are still getting to work in the dark and leaving for home in the dark while fumbling for car keys with thick gloves on our fingers. Despite the dreary days, take heart in knowing that the spring is coming – welcomed by the always fun, warm and bright event known as the 18th Annual Signature Event.

On behalf of the Oakland County Bar Foundation (The Foundation), it is my pleasure to invite you to the event, which will be held on April 28, 2017, at Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomfield Township. We have had a two-year run of perfect weather for the event and, if Mother Nature smiles upon us again, you will have the opportunity to enjoy drinks, great food and camaraderie with one another on the beautiful patio overlooking the course. While all bar-related social events are great opportunities for those of us in the legal community to gather, share stories and get to know one another, the Signature Event is unique in its popularity.

While everyone has their reasons for enjoying the Signature Event – from the venue, to the time of year to the lamb chops – an almost universal attraction is the knowledge that, through a ticket purchase or sponsorship, eventgoers are contributing to the largest fundraising event of the year for The Foundation. Year after year, the lawyers, law firms, various vendors, citizens and community stakeholders who support the Signature Event generously rise to the challenge of meeting and exceeding the fundraising goals of the prior year. We are asking you to rise to the occasion again this year.

By now, you have received a packet of information about 2017 Signature Event sponsorship opportunities, a list of which can be found on the next page. If you have not sponsored before, please consider joining the sponsorship ranks with a bronze-level sponsorship of $1,000. It is a great opportunity for professional exposure and you will have the added benefit of supporting The Foundation’s mission to fund programs that facilitate and enhance access to justice, and organizations that promote the understanding of the law across Oakland County and southeast Michigan. If you are already a sponsor, we thank you and ask you to consider moving up a level.

As The Foundation seeks to fund existing and new programs and organizations in the future, your continued support is critical to our cause. In addition to purchasing tickets and sponsorships for the Signature Event, over the years, The Foundation has been the beneficiary of the generosity of an ever-growing roster of individuals whose support is given for no other benefit than to support the mission of The Foundation – giving simply to give. If The Foundation’s mission speaks to you, please consider participating in its Legacy Program or making a financial contribution any other time of year.

In the meantime, bundle up and start counting the days to spring. While it officially starts on March 20, we know that the thaw is not complete until a little later … this year, it is on April 28. See you at the Signature Event!