Circuit Court Case Evaluation Committee


Are you a sitting Circuit Court Case Evaluator and would you like to help promote and administer the program? Members of the Circuit Court Case Evaluation Committee oversee the selection of Circuit Court Case Evaluators.


The mission of the Circuit Court Case Evaluation Committee is to execute our duties as set forth in the current Sixth Circuit Court’s Administrative Order that governs the selection of case evaluators and case evaluation panels as well as MCR 2.403-Section of Case Evaluation Panels to the best of our combined abilities. 


Committee members meet once a month to review feedback, questions and concerns from evaluators and case evaluation participants, and draft recommendations where appropriate. Join us for breakfast and conversation on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 a.m. at the OCBA office.

NOTE: Some meeting times and locations may vary due to special agendas. Click on the Calendar of Events to view specific meeting information.


The Circuit Court Case Evaluation Committee is a Limited Appointment Committee. To join you must submit a letter of interest explaining your qualifications and background. Appointments are made by the current OCBA president. Mail your letter to the OCBA, or email it to Bonnie Laux.




Harvey Weingarden (Chair)
(248) 646-8292




Marcia Ross (Vice-Chair)
(248) 594-2600