November 2018

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7:45A ET MedLegal Committee Meeting
5:00P ET Circuit Court Committee Meeting
6:00P ET New Lawyers Committee Meeting
11:00A ET New Lawyer Admission Ceremony
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5:15P ET Business Court and Counsel
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12:00P ET Employee Benefits Committee Meeting
8:00A ET Employment Law Committee
8:00A ET Alternative Dispute Resolution
8:00A ET 25th Annual Youth Law Conference
12:00P ET Paralegal Committee Meeting
12:00P ET Debtor/Creditor Committee Meeting
4:30P ET Veterans Committee Meeting
4:45P ET Wills & Gills Probate Estate and
5:30P ET Inns of Court Team 2 Presentation
4:00P ET Lawyers of a Certain Age Committee
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12:00P ET District Court Case Evaluation
5:00P ET Providing Access to Legal Services
8:30A ET Tax Law Committee Meeting
12:00P ET The Intersection of Criminal and
7:30P ET Circuit Court Case Evaluation
9:00A ET Energy Sustainability and
OCBA Office Closed
OCBA Office Closed
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4:30P ET Legislative Committee Meeting
8:00A ET Real Estate Committee Meeting
12:00P ET Municipal Law Committee Meeting
5:15P ET Professional Development Committee
5:30P ET Membership Committee Meeting
5:30P ET Membership Maximizer