Paralegal Committee


The OCBA is pleased to offer a special committee for paralegals and legal assistant members. If you are a paralegal, join the committee to network with your peers, share ideas, and work to promote and improve the profession. The Paralegal Committee helps improve legal assistants’ position in the legal profession through educational opportunities, networking and public service.


The OCBA Paralegal Committee achieves a high standard of excellence as paraprofessionals by (1) continuing to educate its members in legal practice areas, third-party services and technology; (2) collaborating with other professionals within the OCBA and the community at large; (3) focusing on increasing membership and participation within the OCBA through social and networking events; (4) connecting with paralegal students within the metropolitan Detroit area; and (5) supporting and participating in charitable works, community service projects or free legal aid.  


Join us for collegiality and conversation at noon on the second Tuesday of every month. We rotate locations to accommodate our county-wide membership.


To join the Paralegal Committee, email Merri Lee Jones , Ann Neilson or call the OCBA at (248) 334-3400. 


C._DaniChristina Dani (Chair)
(248) 351-3082


Leanne Tarasiewicz (Vice Chair)
(248) 359-6331