Youth Law Conference


Teaching teens about the legal process with topics that are important to them.

Does a court case really work the way it does on Law & Order? Is forensic evidence treated the same way we see it treated on CSI? What about K-9 units - how do they train those dogs to sniff for evidence? Most importantly, how is the chain of evidence in all of these scenarios used in actual real-life court cases? The answers to these questions and more can all be answered at the Youth Law Conference!

The Youth Law Conference educates high school juniors and seniors about career options in the legal profession and the general legal process, and provides tools for better decision-making. By tailoring this program to the interests and issues of a teen audience, the OCBA and its volunteer attorneys deliver an engaging program that is a hit with students and teachers alike.

At the conference, students and teachers participate in breakout sessions where they hear from prominent speakers from both the bench and the bar. Past conference topics have included computer forensics, a legal professionals panel, street law, using forensic evidence to solve crimes, military law, domestic violence law, employment law, identity protection, K-9 Unit, cyberbullying, TV shows: fact or fiction, law school admission, and more!

With a grant from the Oakland County Bar Foundation, the OCBA has allocated funds for registration and/or bus transportation for schools whose budgets do not support those costs. This funding may be available on a first-come, first-served basis. To receive reimbursement, complete the Youth Law Conference Transportation Reimbursement Form.

"Liked learning about different law related professions.”  – Clarkston High School student
"The decisions I make today affect me tomorrow.” – Clarenceville High School student
“Liked the lineup/variety this year.” – Farmington High School teacher


The 2018 Youth Law Conference took place on November 13 and featured Shannon Smith, counsel for Larry Nassar, as the keynote speaker discussing what it is like to defend the reprehensible. Other seminar topics included cyberspace minefields, immigration law, FBI opportunities and K-9s in the criminal justice system.

The 2019 Youth Law Conference is set for November 12. If you are a teacher interested in attending the 2019 conference, contact Merri Lee Jones.



Call Merri Lee Jones at (248) 334-3400.

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