Volunteer Opportunities


Attorneys have a unique opportunity to contribute because they have skills in high demand. Many people throughout Oakland County and southeast Michigan are in need of legal services but cannot afford them, and attorneys play a crucial role in providing services to these and others in the community.

The OCBA's programs and connections to local services helps our members become involved in service projects and charitable works, forging links in the community in which they live and work, and providing an opportunity for our attorneys to get to know their neighbors.

Being able to make a positive difference in other people's lives is an affirming experience, but volunteering also provides the opportunity for networking with fellow attorneys or potential future clients, and helps to further develop skill sets and expertise.


The OCBA is continually seeking volunteers for the following programs.

Law-Related Education Programs



  • Legal Aid Clinics
  • Pro Bono Mentor Match - Hone your skills or develop skills in a new area of law, and help someone in need at the same time! This program matches new lawyers who are willing to take a pro bono case with a more experienced lawyer willing to mentor the new lawyer through the case.  Cases are referred in the areas of family law, including simple no-asset divorce disputes; landlord-tenant; expungement; foreclosure and debt collection. These types of cases provide the new lawyer with valuable hands-on experience with small cases that are of great importance to the low-income client. The mentor is available to meet with the client, answer questions, review pleadings, attend court or other hearings with the mentee and generally provide as much guidance and feedback to the mentee as the mentee deems necessary and/or as the mentor is able to offer. This program is offered to new and established lawyers. To apply for the program complete the Pro Bono Mentee Application



  • OCBA Mentor Program - The OCBA’s Mentor Program connects you with a newer attorney or one looking to gain more knowledge in a different area of practice to help guide them in their new career. The relationship between a mentor and mentee is valuable to both parties. The relationship is also valuable to your clients who benefit from that combined knowledge and experience. As a volunteer mentor, you act as a trusted resource, advisor and sounding board as the mentee grows their practice. For more program information or to volunteer to be a mentor, complete the Mentor Volunteer Form.



Many OCBA committees encourage outreach and community involvement. From adopting families during the holidays to assembling baskets for troops overseas to volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity Restore, our committees offer a variety of ways to give back. 


Interested in serving?

Contact Merri Lee Jones.