OCBA Awards


At the Annual Meeting each year, the OCBA recognizes our members who have been practicing law for 40 years. We also honor our members who have made significant contributions to the OCBA, the legal profession and the community through the presentation of our annual awards.


2019 Forty-Year Honorees

Photo taken by Michele Maloney at the 85th Annual Meeting on June 3, 2019


Front row: Norman C. Ankers, O'Neal O. Wright, Carlo J. Martina, Lisa S. Gretchko, Kenneth C. Merritt, Edward J. Plawecki Jr.

Middle row: I.W. Winsten, Daniel M. Moore, Daniel G. Meyer, Marjory G. Basile, Theresa Smith Lloyd, Randall J. Gillary, Michael S. Leib

Back row: J. Herbert Larson, Jeffrey T. Neilson, Michael J. McCarthy, Howard C. Treado, Stephen L. Witenoff, Mary T. Schmitt Smith, John C. Brennan



OCBA Annual Awards

Biennial Diversity in the Legal Profession Awards