Mock Trial for Elementary School


Order in the court! Give students a hands-on opportunity to participate in the justice system.


Did Plankton steal Mr. Krab's famous Krabby Patty recipe? Will the jury rule in his favor? Let your students argue the case and help decide his fate at the next Mock Trial!

An eight-year-old arguing a court case just became a reality! The OCBA, in collaboration with Oakland County Schools, is pleased to offer this creative learning approach for students in grades 2-6. The Mock Trial program allows students to take a hands-on learning approach to all aspects of a court case. Introducing children to the who, what, where, when and why of the law can foster a lifelong appreciation for the legal justice system.

Your students will work in teams and learn about different roles and responsibilities in the courtroom through interactive role play. The mock trial involves an alleged theft of intellectual property (a recipe) using the SpongeBob Squarepants characters familiar to students. Students truly enjoy the funny script, the supporting props, the opportunity to act out the trial in a real courtroom and they get to actively participate in determining a verdict!

"Our students are on cloud nine! They had the greatest time this morning. Thank you for everything you did to make it work for us.  We will be in touch!”

– 5th grade teacher, Quarton Elementary School


Are you interested in bringing the Mock Trial program to your classroom?
Here's how it works. An OCBA attorney volunteer will visit your classroom to kick off and explain the program. He or she will answer students’ questions about the court system, the experience of being a lawyer, and the theft of SpongeBob’s delicious recipe. The Mock Trial program concludes with a field trip to the local district court or the Oakland County Circuit Court, where students will present their mock trial in an actual courtroom setting. In some cases, the program can also include the chance to observe an actual trial or jury selection. This program is designed to specifically fit within the State of Michigan’s Social Studies Content Expectations and the Michigan Citizenship Collaborative Curriculum to meet Common Core standards for reading, thinking, speaking and writing.

With a grant from the Oakland County Bar Foundation, the OCBA is able to reimburse travel expenses, making this program free to our Oakland County schools. To receive reimbursement, complete the Transportation Reimbursement Form.

For more program information or to register, complete the Mock Trial Program Application Form.

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