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General Topic Speakers Bureau

Spark the conversation. Let the OCBA’s talented speakers bring big ideas and meaningful conversation to your next event.

Teachers, nonprofit administrators and community group leaders - this is your opportunity to tap into a resource of immeasurable knowledge and experience! Do you want to find the right speaker, but don’t know where to start?  The OCBA provides a great community service by maintaining a comprehensive roster of attorneys and other legal professionals who want to present to interested groups. All Speakers Bureau volunteers bring an exciting perspective and an extensive knowledge of legal issues to the table.

Choose a topic and a date when a speaker is needed, and we will do the rest. The OCBA will work with you to identify a speaker who is available to present at your scheduled event, at no cost to you!

For a list of topics and to book a speaker, complete the Speaker Request Form and return it to Merri Lee Jones.


Military Veterans Speakers Bureau

Individuals are shaped by their life experiences, especially veterans. Are you looking for a speaker with a military background for your next event??

The OCBA’s special Military Veterans Speakers Bureau is the perfect resource for you! Our speakers’ inspirational stories will interest, motivate and energize your audience. These individuals not only tell great stories about rising to the occasion and overcoming challenges, but they also have the gift of bringing humor and entertainment to a presentation when it is time to lighten the mood.

The Military Veterans Speakers Bureau members have served in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and the National Guard. They have been on active duty during times of peace and during conflict. Veterans have served in the Korean War, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. They have been in combat, stationed stateside and served in the reserves. The members of this bureau have diverse military careers and are eager to share their unique experiences.

To book a speaker from the Military Veterans Speakers Bureau, contact Merri Lee Jones, Professional Development Director.




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