OCBA Mission and Goals


Since 1934, our organization has served the varying and diverse needs of our members. Today, the OCBA is an association of nearly 3,000 members. We offer professional development seminars, continuing legal education, over 30 substantive and special purpose committees, camaraderie and networking, and the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the legal and justice systems.

Throughout our rich history, the OCBA has built a strong reputation on our services and activities based on the changing needs of our members. Our association enjoys a strong and productive relationship with the judiciary. We are particularly proud of our public service projects, our committee work, our strong and influential voice on current legislation as well as on court rules, and our chapter of the American Inns of Court. 


Mission Statement 

The mission of the Oakland County Bar Association is to serve the professional needs of our members, improve the justice system, and ensure the delivery of quality legal services to the public.


Our Goals

  • To foster the professional growth of our members 

  • To provide services and benefits to our members 

  • To participate with the bench to improve the quality of the justice system in Oakland County 

  • To encourage civility among lawyers 

  • To encourage membership and participation in the Association by persons representing a diversity of gender, racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds 

  • To be a fiscally sound organization 

  • To provide a facility adequate to house the needs of the Association 

  • To educate the public about the law, the role of lawyers, and the administration of justice 

  • To promote a positive image for the profession and the justice system and to respond, where appropriate, to unfair criticism 

  • To promote access to quality legal services for all, regardless of ability to pay