District Court Case Evaluation FAQs


How does District Court Case Evaluation work?

District court judges send orders for case evaluation to the OCBA. Next, parties to the case will submit case summaries to the OCBA. The OCBA distributes those summaries prior to the case evaluation date to the attorneys who will serve as evaluators.

At an evaluation, a panel of three attorneys reviews a case, hears from both parties about their positions, and decides on an award. Any terms reached at case evaluation will be set down in writing and signed by all parties. Plaintiffs and defendants have time to review the resolution and accept or reject the evaluators’ decision. If both parties accept or settle, the case is removed from the court docket. If either party rejects the decision, the case will move on to the district court for trial.

Do I need to hire an attorney to represent me?
No. District Court Case Evaluation is open to both pro se (non-represented) parties and attorneys who are representing their clients.


How often are Case Evaluation dates set at the OCBA? 
To best serve the district courts on a timely basis, the OCBA sets four to six dates each month.


What are the fees for Case Evaluation?
There is a $75 fee for case evaluation to be paid by both the Plaintiff and Defendant. You may also be fined a $150 late fee if you fail to provide a case summary and proof of service to the case evaluation administrator by the required date.

Please make all checks payable to:
Oakland County District Court Case Evaluation
1760 S. Telegraph Road, Ste. 100
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304


How long does Case Evaluation take? 
Case evaluations are usually scheduled every 20 minutes. Please allow ample time to arrive prior to your scheduled appearance, and allow for any unforeseen delays.


I am representing myself, what should I include in my case summary?
For a sample of what to include in your summary and Case Evaluation checklist, please visit the Forms, Rules and Regulations page.


When should I submit my case summary?
Each party must file three copies of their summary with the District Court Case Evaluation office 14 days before their case evaluation date. Late summaries are subject to a $150 late fee.


How do I file a Circuit Court Case Evaluation summary? 
The OCBA only handles case evaluation for district court. Visit the Oakland County website for information on Circuit Court Case Evaluation.



The OCBA’s District Court Case Evaluation staff is available to answer your questions. Contact them at (248) 334-3400 or via email.

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